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Established in 2018 by pianist Marta Polanska The Brilliant Piano is about great pianists both piano legends and new generation of piano artists, the instrument, its history, performance practices, teaching methods and recordings.

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The year 2018 was full of many events related to the piano. According to some scientific sources, 320 years earlier, in 1698, the world heard about Bartolomeo Cristofori’s new invention. Although the first official description of the piano action was not published until 1711, it was obvious that Cristofori had started working on a new musical instrument in Florence many years earlier. The 320th anniversary of the first mention of gravicembalo col piano e forte prompted artistic and scientific reflection on the history of the piano.

On this occasion, in March 2018, I established the Piano e Forte Festival in Krakow, combining performance practice with scientific instrumentological reflection. Concerts by pianists (on modern and period pianos), harpsichordists, clavichordists and chamber ensembles are accompanied by lectures and workshops as part of the festival’s Academy, held every year under the honorary and scientific patronage of the outstanding instrumentologist Prof. Benjamin Vogel. The festival forum, although constantly expanding its scope, is not able to cover the entire piano world. And since to me, as a pianist, the piano means the whole world, I decided to create a global space dedicated to the piano, pianists and all lovers of this unique musical instrument. This idea was supported by the unlimited possibilities offered by the Internet. Although we know perfectly well that no modern technology will be able to provide the unique artistic impressions and emotions that we experience during live concerts, it creates many opportunities, especially in the cognitive, scientific and educational aspects.

The idea of ​​creating a website and its name The Brilliant Piano appeared in my mind after listening to Seong-Jin Cho’s concerts. This brilliant pianist, the first ever winner of the International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition (2015) from South Korea, performed (on August 13, 2018, at the Grand Theater in Warsaw, and on August 14, 2018, at the Konzerthaus in Berlin) Frederic Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21, that was shaped by the technique termed style brillant. Seong-Jin Cho was accompanied by the European Union Youth Orchestra conducted by Maestro Gianandrea Noseda. These extremely inspiring events resulted in the idea of creating The Brilliant Piano. The project developed gradually. In May 2023, it gained a new visual identity, and in March 2024, a new website thanks to the great team at Design-OP.

I hope that The Brilliant Piano will become a global piano forum where every pianist and piano lover will find creative inspiration to explore the knowledge about the piano instrument, piano masters, performance practices and recording process, piano literature, piano education and enjoy great piano concerts in streaming from around the world.

“The piano as a medium for expression is a whole world by itself. No other instrument can fill or replace its own say in the world of emotion, sentiment, poetry, imagery, and fancy.”

- Leopold Godowsky


March 4, 2024

The website relaunch is going live.

May 15, 2023

A new visual identity for The Brilliant Piano was created by Design-OP Agency.

December 31, 2018

Registration of the domain:, but the website was still active mainly as the Facebook page.

August 20, 2018

The Brilliant Piano website established on Facebook.

August 13, 2018

Marta Polanska's idea to create the website The Brilliant Piano dedicated to the piano, pianists and a holistic approach to piano issues.

left photo by Piotr Markowski 

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