The ICCPI 2023 first stage results

The Jury of the 2nd International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments (ICCPI) chaired by Wojciech Świtała has decided that 15 participants have qualified for the 2nd stage.

They are:

  1. Alice Baccalini, Italy
  2. Joanna Goranko, Poland
  3. Eric Guo, Canada
  4. Saya Kamada, Japan
  5. Hyunji Kim, South Korea
  6. Mariia Kurtynina, Russia
  7. Nicolas Margarit, Australia/Spain
  8. Martin Nöbauer, Austria
  9. Piotr Pawlak, Poland
  10. Kamila Sacharzewska, Poland
  11. Jannik Truong, Germany
  12. Ludovica Vincenti, Italy
  13. Derek Wang, USA
  14. Angie Zhang, USA
  15. Yonghuan Zhong, China

Congratulations to the pianists qualified for further participation in the Competition!

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