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The results of the 30th Chopin Competition in Szafarnia

Competition Results

Jury of the 30th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Children and Youth in Szafarnia (May 25-27, 2023) decided to award the following participants among 49 young pianists:

Group I
1st prize: Wagner Sophie Elizabeth (Germany)
2nd prize: Tao Lindsay (USA)
3rd prize: Brzostowicz Mikołaj (Poland)
4th prize: Gu Yingjie (China)
5th prize: Łapiński Damian (Poland)
6th prize: Payackso Suppakrit (Thailand)

1) Ning Daniel (Canada)
2) Gao Tiantian (China)
3) Zheng Xuan Qi (China)

Group II
1st prize: Znamirovský Adam (Czech Republic)
2nd prize: Kim Chaeryeong (South Korea)
3rd prize: Tymura Piotr Marcin (Poland)

Special Distinction:
1) Biały Milana (Poland)

1) Vítová Johana (Czech Republic)
2) Yu Albert Chengmin (Australia)

Group III
1st prize: Jiyun Nho (South Korea)
2nd prize: not awarded
3rd prize (ex aequo): Deva Mira Sperandio (Spain)
3rd prize (ex aequo): Wang Shaoyong (China)

Special Distinction:
1) Krystian-Browalska Zuzanna (Poland)

1) Cheng Yi Ting Liana (Hong Kong)
2) Gevorgyan Eduard (Armenia)
3) Kwiatkowski Jan Mateusz (Poland)
4) Sakai-Ivanova Ameli (Bulgaria)

Jury decided to award with the additional prizes the following participants:

The Special Prize for the greates artistic personality of the Competition founded by Rafał Blechacz:
Wagner Sophie Elizabeth (Niemcy/Germany)

Prize of the Chopin in the Garden of Arts Foundation the recital in the Chopin Centre in Szafarnia:
Brzostowicz Mikołaj (Polska/Poland)
Tymura Piotr Marcin (Polska/Poland)
Krystian-Browalska Zuzanna (Polska/Poland)

Prize of the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute. Concert in Żelazowa Wola:
Tymura Piotr Marcin (Polska/Poland) – „Kwadranse Muzyczne”
Krystian-Browalska Zuzanna (Polska/Poland) – „Dzień dziecka”
Brzostowicz Mikołaj (Polska/Poland) – „Dzień dziecka”
Biały Milana (Polska/Poland) – „Dzień dziecka”
Łapiński Damian (Polska/Poland) – „Dzień dziecka”
Kwiatkowski Jan Mateusz (Polska/Poland) – „Dzień dziecka”

The Award of the Chopin stichting foundation in the character of recital in the Netherlands:
Deva Mira Sperandio (Hiszpania/Spain)
Wagner Sophie Elizabeth (Niemcy/Germany)

The Award of the Honorary Consul of Finland Mr Tadeusz Pająk and his wife Mrs. Iwona Gostomska Pająk for the best performance of the Fryderyk Chopins waltz in 3rd age group:
Jiyun Nho (Korea Południowa/South Korea)

The Award of the Honorary Consul of Finland Mr Tadeusz Pająk and his wife Mrs. Iwona Gostomska Pająk for the best participant from Poland in the 3rd age group:
Krystian-Browalska Zuzanna (Polska/Poland)

The Award of the Honorary Consul of Poland in Navara, Basque Country and La Rioja Mr Angel Tellechea Goyena:
Biały Milana (Polska/Poland)

The prize of the Mayor of the Radomin gouvernment Mr Piotr Wolski:
Znamirovský Adam (Czechy/Czech Republic)

The special prize for the youngest participant of the Competition founded by Modliszka Company:
Khloe WU (Kanada/Canada) 


1. prof. Piotr Paleczny
2. prof. Izabella Darska-Havasi
3. prof. Clara Biermasz
4. prof. Alberto Nosè
5. prof. Zbigniew Raubo

More information about the Competition you can find at:


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